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Voluptuous Xtra 6 Denise Davies

Duration: 01:15
Added: 13 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Denise introduces her first boy-girl hardcore scene in this chapter of Voluptuous Xtra 6. It happened in London and her sex partner was an Englishman who gave her tits a good workout, and then stuck his cock in her pussy and arse. He finished her off with anal toying while she sucked his dick until he lost his seed on her chest. Later on, Denise visited America and came to the SCORE studio where she filmed the opening introduction to this video. I just love having my boobs played with, Denise told the editors of Voluptuous, in person. They were impressed by her down-to-earth personality, something true of many British big-bust stars. If I had a choice between a man shagging me and playing with my boobs, Id pick playing with my boobs every time. Fortunately, Ive never had to make that choice. For the most part, a man isnt going to be attracted to me unless he likes big breasts, so he wont even make the effort to pick me up. Ive never had a bloke go away complaining. I guess its because I have a dirtier mind than most blokes. I love doing naughty things with my big tits. Sucking on them. Biting them. Wrapping them around a big cock. Making a cock cum all over them. Just about whatever you want to do to them, Im good with it. Denise is still plenty active today. She has staying power.

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