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Chaka T

Duration: 01:15
Added: 13 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Voluptuous Xtra 6 is a great SCOREVideos Classic with some real superstars of tits. This episode starred Chaka T., a California delight with 36H-cup jugs. Chaka came our way in 2002, recommended by the great tit-star Sierra. This sex scene was inspired by the success of the military theme in Autumn-Jades first hardcore, an Army drill sargeant and his new recruit. The military theme often strikes the right note with boob-men and those two scenes gave new meaning to the term drill sargeant. First, Chaka is put through a series of boob camp drills that get those tits moving. The drilling follows! Chaka was a natural at sex action, very relaxed and a terrific fuck partner with unbelievable sex talent. I love doggy style best, Chaka told us. The guy can get his cock in real deep and he can handle my breasts, or they swing. I like when they swing and I can feel the motion. In the real world, Chaka said a lot of guys get overwhelmed when they meet her. Theyre usually intimidated. Most guys say theyve never been with a woman with such big breasts, which I can definitely believe. I havent seen many women my size with bigger breasts. Guys are always in awe of them. You can tell from their faces that theyre like, Oh, my God, and they want to be muffled and have my breasts in their faces and be up in my boobs. But its nice to have it that way. I dont know of any woman who doesnt like having attention paid to her breasts. All hands salute Chaka! Whatever happened to Chaka? She was something else.

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