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The Best Of Voluptuous 2

Duration: 01:15
Added: 13 years ago
Channel: Chloes World
Description: Chloe Vevrier in a black bra will have your nuts burning in no time. She is a true mistress of erotic masturbation and sensuous breast self-worship. No one is better than Chloe in this department. Watching Chloe palm and moisturize her huge boobs is the meaning of a boobmans life. This video was shot in London. Best of Voluptuous 2 also stars Autumn-Jade, Kerry Marie in a recent video, Carol Brown, Katie, Ona, Lisa Miller, Renee, Rhonda Baxter and Tracy Burr plus legends Nilli Willis and Louise Leeds. Look for it in stores or in Chloes on-line store if you want to buy the DVD.

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