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Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Karina Hart
Description: At the beginning of this video, Karina asks four questions that really dont need asking, especially here on

1. Do you want to see more of me?
2. What about my boobs?
3. Do you like them?
4. Want me to shake them?

We can only nod our heads like sick puppies, trying to answer yes, but words fail us. Then Karina says, This sweater is so tight, and you know whats going to happen next.

By the way, her sweater is very tight. When we first saw it, we didnt even realize it was a sweater, its that small. And shes wearing a push-up bra that works wonders, and a short skirt, and shes revealing her luscious belly, too.

My nipples are so hard, she says. I love to play with them.

More helpless nodding on our part. Oh, and by the way: Karinas pussy is really wet in this video. When shes fucking it with her dildo, her juices drip down to her asshole. That means shes enjoying herself. We are, too.

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