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Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Karina Hart
Description: Im so horny today, Karina says at the start of this video. I wanna play. Karina is so horny that just putting on makeup is turning her on. She brushes her tits with the makeup brush, and she sounds like shes gonna cum right then and there. Thats horny! Then her dress comes off slowly, and were treated to a special sight: Karinas big melons encased in a pink, lace bra, a real beauty, one that really makes her cleavage pop. She bounces her tits in the bra, her breathing becomes louder, her tits come out, she uses the brush on her pussy. I want your fingers inside, she says as she tucks her own fingers inside her pussy. Yeah, baby! She shoves the end of the makeup brush inside her pussy, because at this point, she needs whatever she can get her hands on, as long as it fits inside her cunt. Weve never seen her hornier!

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