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Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Karina Hart
Description: Karina comes out wearing a sweater that covers about 15% of her boobs, maximum, and the bra shes wearing is merely pushing them up and into our faces. Im so horny today, Karina said. Tell us about it, Karina. Im going to start with my boobs, she continues. I like to play with them. You know, the sight of Karinas tits always gets us hard, but when she starts talking about what shes going to do with her tits...well, then its time to fire away. Cock-wise, that is. The bra shes wearing does not fit. Not at all. Of course, That means it fits perfectly. The dildo she uses to fuck her pussy is flesh-colored and big. She talks while she rubs it against her clit and buries it deep inside her sweet cunt. She works her fuck-hole hard. She moans, she makes girly noises. By this time, youve shot your load about a dozen times. Good luck.

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