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Karinas Naughty Stockings

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Karina Hart
Description: From the front, it looks like Karina is wearing a simple, very-low-cut top and a simple pair of tights. Nothing unusual, other than Karinas natural beauty and natural big tits (which make any top she wears look extraordinary). But then, Karina stands up and turns around and whoa! Thats not a pair of tights! Its a stocking! And Karina, it looks like you forgot something. Like your panties! I didnt forget, Karina said, giggling. I like it this way. We like it, too, and wouldnt you love to grab Karinas stockings and tear your way into her ass, bury your head in her ass crack, slap those cheeks, spread em wide and lick her asshole without even taking her stocking off? That is the whole idea, isnt it? Karina said. Not the whole idea, Karina. In your case, tits must be part of the whole idea.

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