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The Perfect Canvas

Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Karina Hart
Description: Karina Hart, painter. Its not the first thing you usually think about when you think about Karina, but lets face it: Somebody has to paint those rooms in your house or apartment one of these days, and it might as well be a super-busty, super-sexy babe whose clothes dont stay on for the entire process. As youll see in this posting, Karina really isnt much of a painter. Before long, shes ignoring the walls and paying special attention to her tits and pussy. Hey, shes a young chick! Shes not used to doing manual labor. Besides, thats what men are for. Youre about to see one of the kinkiest things (if not the kinkiest thing) ­Karina has ever done on She finds uses for a paint brush that wed never thought of. Well, wed thought of them. We just never thought wed get the chance to see anyone do them.

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