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A Boob Mans Paradise

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Karina Hart
Description: Whats paradise to a boob man? Well, the opening minutes of this video answer that question quite nicely. In fact, were willing to bet that many of you wont get past the first few minutes without shooting your loads. Because heres what youre going to see: an ants-eye view of Karina, looking up from the floor at her massive boobs overflowing a simple, white bra thats having a very hard time doing its job. Karina moans as she plays with her breasts, which are still in the bra cups, and youre wondering how those babies are staying inside. When her tits come out, youre still looking up at two massive flesh mounds. Paradise. Boob mans paradise. Youre living it!

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