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Duration: 01:15
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: A great SCORE Classic is always worth a repeat. This is an exceptionally sexy and erotic solo masturbation by big-boobed SCORE model Dolly, not so much for what she does to her increasingly wet pussy and big tits with fingers and a giant dildo (although she really knows how to hold that toy so we can see it go into her), but for the torrent of sex talk that flows out of her mouth non-stop. It may be one of the hottest and best because dirty chatting by a horny girl increases the heat of a video in ways that cant be measured in numbers. Dolly is just awesome in this, staring at the camera with her big, brown, doe-like eyes, her sexy mouth pleading, begging for you to jack off and squirt her with cum as she really pounds and hammers her cunt. It helps even more that shes got a beautiful, exotic face and intensely stares at you with a submissive look. I wanna be hammered by your hard meat, Dolly says, the filthy words rolling out effortlessly. I hope youre jerking your cock right now. I want you to put your big dick in my cleavage and FUCK my tits! Id love you to fuck my tits right now. Just like this. I wanna see your jack spray my boobs. You wanna fuck me, dont you, you wanna fuck my big tits. Fuck that wet pussy. Cmon, fuck it! She talks dirtier and nastier than a girl getting fucked in a boy-girl video. And Dolly has huge, saucer-shaped areolae that rival those belonging to pancake-sized Cindy Cupps. A masterpiece of mammary mashing, audio-sex and masturbation. Please give this pretty little Dolly what she wants.

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