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Cum To Gya

Duration: 01:15
Added: 6 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Tags: bbw, solo
Description: Terri Jane and Micky Bells have left the bedroom after trying on different hot outfits with Gya Roberts in Part 2 of Montego Babes. In Cum To Gya, Gyas been really worked-up after trying on tight tops and other skimpies, and seeing her girlfriends tits and asses stretch their tops and shorts. Shes super-horny. (Shes super-horny all the time, anyway.) Gya lays on the bed alone amidst the pile of tops, shorts and the rest. Gya starts pleasuring herself and gets carried away. One of Gyas superb talents is as a self-sucker. Her skill at this is intense. Weve seen a wide variety of self-sucking girls at The SCORE Group and Gya is one of the best. She really enjoys doing too. We can tell. She is really into it. Its not an easy thing to do. There are many big-boobed girls who cant physically do it. Gya hands reach down and pull off her panties. Her delicate fingers work her rapidly wetting pussyhole while her massive tits splay and shake. Her bed sheet is going to get very damp. I love masturbating, Gya said during her stay with SCORE in Jamaica. At home, I have a best friend Gigi, my blue vib, that actually helps me a lot when I watch porn. By the way, I think the shower is the best friend of a girl. I love showering and masturbating plus a shower never has any expectations. Yumm! What a sensation! Gya has a lot of new best friends since her introduction at And theyre all enjoying watching her get off. Stay tuned for Part 3 of Montego Babes only at

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