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Getting To Know Calliste, Part 4: Calliste Fucks, The Video!

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: 50 Plus MILFs
Description: After her day on the town in Miami, Calliste has everything she needs: a sexy dress and a pair of fuck shoes. But somethings missing.I never did get that dick, so lets go somewhere where I know Im gonna get some dick, she says.And you know where that is...the studio.I am so fucking horny, Calliste announces as her cock-toy sucks on her tits. She sucks his cock deep (she pays attention to his balls, too) and says, Im gonna make that cock nice and big so it goes in my pussy and fucks me. When the cock is ready, Calliste perches over it and says, Put that cock in my cunt. You gotta love a chick who says cunt.Theres nothing romantic about this scene. Its just a 50something babe getting the shit fucked out of her and loving every minute of it. We loved every minute of Callistes trip to

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