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Mandi McGraw Cums, Gives, And Takes It In The Ass

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: 60 Plus MILFs
Description: You know the line in the old Barry Manilow song, Oh, Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking? For Mandi McGraw, its, Oh, Mandi, you came, gave a blow job and took it in the ass. Not very musical, but it works for us.Mandis first scene on should be given to all women as an instruction DVD in how to suck cock. Mandi, whos 69 and has sucked a lot of cock, takes her time. She starts with a semi-hard cock and works on getting it hard by sucking the top third while kneading the bottom two thirds with her hand. Then she spits on it. She laughs a bit while shes sucking, but thats because shes having a good time.Ive been waiting to do this all day, says this wife from Tampa, Florida.Mandi uses her tongue a lot, too, which is important. Then she sucks the dick into her mouth like a vacuum, sticks out her tongue so theres more room in her mouth for the cock and goes deeper. Then she stops for a few seconds. What happened?Oh, shit, I just came! she says.She came from sucking cock? Yes she did!Mandi gets fucked hard in every possible position. She giggles and moans and asks for it harder and deeper. Oh, yeah, fuck me hard. Give me that cock, she says. You know what Im looking forward to? I wanna be naughty. I want you to go in my ass. You wanna fuck me in the ass? Then she looks at the camera and asks us if we want to see her get fucked in the ass.Damn right we do, Mandi. This is Day Three of your special and weve been waiting for this. By the way...the ass-fucking? The anal penetration? Mandi takes it all without lube. No spit. The cock slides right in!Mandi McGraw: She looks like a lady and acts like a lady, but in reality, shes a slut. And we love her that way. You will, too.

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