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Kerry Maries Bra Show

Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: What would it be like if Kerry Marie became a bra saleswoman? The mind boob-boggles. We had to bring this to life. Kerry thought it was a lark. Picture the possibility. Its a sure bet that with a combination of her looks, extremely large natural angel-cakes and her charismatic personality, Kerry Marie could sell G-cup bras to flat-chested teen girls as well as heating pads in Dubai. And, oh, yeah, that hypnotic British accent would have men lining up around the block to buy bras for their girlfriends and wives. Kerry doesnt sell a product she doesnt believe in. She wont sell a bra she hasnt rigorously tested herself. Those of you who know Kerry from SCORELAND and know that this is the kind of sincere, industrious girl that any bra company would be proud to have in the field selling their hooter harnesses. As proof of this claim, we are proud and hard to present Kerry Marie as a door-to-door brassiere saleswoman. Youd open your door to her...wouldnt you? And even lend her a hand. She would be grateful for the support.

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