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Slone Ryder The Bitch Is Back

Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Slone Ryder: Exotic entertainer. Big-boobed porn star. Voluptuous Girl. Dominatrix? Well, Slones suited up like one in this fresh SCORE Video, but, at heart, shes really a big-titted country girl with a heart of gold and a pussy of honey. However, for now, Slones gonna get all mean and nasty on your sorry candy-ass. Is this the kind of outfit we could see Slone wearing on stage? Yes, I dance several nights a week at The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky. I do role-playing and really make it a performance instead of just the good old bump and grind. Ill do a dominatrix show with whips and chains and I have belt buckles that are all buckled up. I brought that with me and Ill be wearing it in one of my photo shoots. Ive done a bondage show with another girl and I duct taped her hands and feet together and wrapped a chain around her and dragged her out onto the stage. Its all simulated, of course. I would never really hurt anyone, but the audience was shocked at first and then gave me a standing ovation at the end. If people are loving it and cheering and clapping, the DJ will let it go on for about two songs. They dont want to take too much time away from the other girls, so they cant let it go on for too long and I understand that. I like to do girl-girl performances and the guys really love that. Sometimes Ill have a female audience member who wants to participate so Ill bring her on stage and undress her. Hear that? Git on down to the Manhattan Club next time youre in town!

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