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Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Whitney Stevens gives you a display of her fresh, young body in this installment of SCORE P.O.V.. She spanks her soft ass cheek, rubs her firm tits and licks her nipples. Youve heard about Whitney and seen a few of her videos. A Jewish girl, she started fucking in porn at 18. Shes a dirty girl yet she has a wholesome look about her. Like these big fucking tits? Whitney asks. Do you want me to suck your fucking cock? Hold up! Forget that part about wholesome! Whitney kneels between your legs so you can feed her cock. Gimme that fucking cock! she begs. You get her on her back in missionary position and pound the fucking shit out of her. Thats something a chick like her wants. Then you get her on her hands and knees and pump her cunt from behind. On her back, you fuck Whitneys tits, giving her your cock to suck and lick. Its now feeding time for this little slut so you give her the drainage of your bloated balls, as she so righfully deserves for fucking you good. Too bad you forgot the spoon to collect the drippings for her. Next time. Next sex party.

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