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Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise

Duration: 01:15
Added: 11 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Tags: big tits, solo
Description: You probably know about Ben, read about him or have seen his videos. Hes a British porn impresario, one of the best known there. Ben was a musician before he got into porn and adopted the P.O.V. style of camerawork when British hardcore started taking off. In the spring of 1997, Mr. Dover was invited by the owners of SCORE to join them on the Boob Cruise. For Ben, that was like being given a free ticket to heaven. He loves boobs, he loves babes, he loves pussy. With over a dozen fine specimens of pulchritude aboard, he was feeling no pain. Lets kick off Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise with his introduction to the festivities as everyone gets familiar with each other; models, passengers...and Ben.

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