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Peeping Tom

Duration: 01:15
Added: 6 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: This peeper is lucky he wasnt dragged off in cuffs. Or wound up a puddle on the sidewalk. But today, in this scene from Busty Cream Team, he was peeping on sexy Aspen and he caught her at time when she really needs a man. Aspen is horny and needs a fucking. Youre probably wondering what Aspens favorite position is. Well tell you. Or rather, shell tell you. As old-fashioned as this sounds, theres something about being flat on my back that totally does it for me, Aspen told us I just love it. I like doggie-style and I like to be on top, but I absolutely love to be on my back. In fact, to really get off the best I have to be on my back. Maybe it goes back to that whole thing of being dominated that turns me on so much, and its also just the perfect angle for a guys dick to plunge into me that way. It just feels so good like that.

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