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Haydees Anal Training

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Haydee Rodriguez does hardcore XXX for the first time and XLGirls is rockin with XXX-citement over this important event caught on high-quality video. Haydee not only rides the boner like the hot Texas titty-twirler she is. She also opens up for an anal injection thats going to climax with her 40G marvels covered in cum for the first time. Her fuck-partner-slash-interviewer first must examine her huge, heavy bazoomas and play with them. He discovers that they are even heavier then they look. She bends forward so he can clap them together. He asks Haydee to lick her own nipples with her pierced tongue, which she easily does. Her tongue ball is huge and a bright blue, the color his balls will be if he doesnt get that tongue running along the shaft of his cock. After sucking and pinching her nipples to his hearts content, Haydees boff-buddy slides his cock through her immense cleavage. He feeds Haydee cock, has her lick his balls and enjoys the kind of super-busty play that sends a breast-man into hooter-heaven. After warming Haydee up with a fuck, he slides his stiffie into her waiting ass while shes on her side, slowly pumping her anus and building a rhythm, then getting Haydee on her hands and knees and thrusting deeply into her ass. To receive her reward, Haydee gets on her back and holds her chest-boulders together so he can nut them and she can lick it off. Her first anal has been a huge success, something Haydee can be proud of. She was a good student, her cock provider said, giving her flesh pillows one last squeeze before leaving the XLGirls studio.

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