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Dusty Rose In Bikini Busters

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Busty and mature Dusty Rose loves to turn it up. Have you ever seen such monstrous, big-boy titties? she brags, making direct eye-contact. Dustys into it, fingering her bikini. Her fuck friend in this chapter of Bikini Busters has a high-energy cock chore coming up but he was chosen because he can handle a highly-sexed woman like Dusty. Like those? I know you wanna fuck my hot, juicy tits. Dusty pours suntan oil on her tits after moving her top to the side. Our cameraman swoops in for an extreme close-up of her nipples dripping with oil. Dusty dumps the whole bottle over her chest and ass! She climbs into the whirpool and soaks waiting for the arrival of Johnny Rod. Dusty watches lots of porn, raunchy porn, not chick-light porn, so she thinks about sex constantly. Porn sex, not romantic erotica. She likes seeing dirty sluts swallow huge cocks and watching hung studs fuck the shit out of horny porn bitches. Dusty said she worked in a porn store so she used to look at videos and magazines all day. Dusty wants to be the dominant, demanding one. But shes also the type who doesnt like wimps and signs of weakness. She gets off calling men bitches. So a dirty-talking dickslinger who wants to ram her cunt and cover her in cum is the best type of man for her. A guy who will tell her to Suck that fucking cock. She relates to the controlling approach that Johnny takes. Reverse psychology at work. The tub is too hot for good fucking and aggressive sex positions so they move to Dustys hotel room. Its not just the sex that gets Dusty worked up. Its the act of making a porn video that gets her pussy juices flowing. An experienced porn stud, Johnny teaches Dusty all the tricks she may not have not caught watching porn: he tells her to spit on his cock for better titty fucking, moves a hand thats blocking the view of her sucking and instructs her on how to suck balls with feeling. Dusty repeatedly asks Johnny to fuck her tits and fuck them hard. She doesnt like her tits spanked with his hand but he can club them with his cock. Dustys really into breast-sexing and sucking dick as it emerges through her cleavage towards her mouth. You dont see wild, extremely verbal women like Dusty Rose that often in any genre of video. As we head into the next and last chapter of Bikini Busters, Dusty stokes up the boob-o-sexual heat by quite a few degrees; not sweet and girly like Ana Anderson but much nastier and raunchier.

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