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Plugged and Pounded

Duration: 01:15
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Our man-on-the-scene and his trusty cameraman say hello to Brandy Ryder, a pretty girl who likes to show off her 40FF mams in a low-scooped top. He asks her to take her tits out of her top and lick the nipples, then has a feel of her fine, soft boob-flesh. He asks Brandy how she likes her sex. I like it rough, Brandy admits. I like to be spanked but not too hard. They have Brandy sway her tits from side-to-side hands-free, a sight all true breast-men love. With their boob-reveal over for now, they ask Brandy if she would like a nice, hard cock to suck on. Shes gagging for it so Mr. Cock comes to her and drops his pants. Brandys blow job technique is very good and sexy, with enough hands-free mouth-fucking and cock-adoration to win a high rating from XLGirls. Our man takes a brief intermission to suck her nipples and savor the taste. Now its time to insert cock into pussy so they go off to another room. Brandy strips down to her high-heeled shoes and gets the hard, hearty pounding she hinted that she wanted. After her pussy has been given a solid stuffing, Brandy does what we have asked our directors to capture many times in the past. Brandy gives his cock a vigorous stroke-off while her other arm lifts up her boobs for a better look. The combination of her jerk-off action, her tongue hanging out of her mouth to catch his ball-beverage, the sight of her delicious hooters and her pleading, longing, yearning expression....all of these things combine to send our XLGirls host over the edge and into a sexplosion. Our man was so impressed by Brandy that hed be happy to fuck her again anytime if she ever returns to Welcome to the big show, Brandy Ryder! Great tits! Running Time: 19:07

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