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Cummin All Ova

Duration: 01:15
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Our cameraman is excited to greet the always smiling Terry Nova. Shes one of those girls who is so warm and nice, no one ever worries about catching attitude from her. Shes never bitchy or snooty, just friendly and cheery. A girl who radiates sunshine. He needed a hot girl with big tits to drop by on short notice and fuck the shit out of a stunt-cock. Thats why he called Terry. She doesnt speak more than a few words of English so it helps to be telepathic as well as use a lot of hand gestures. Terrys chest is a masterpiece of natures handiwork. You need two hands to lift one up to suck the nipple. Usually were happy if a girl as stacked and as sexy will show her nude body and show the pink. But early on, Terry was enthusiastic about full-sex. She loves the cock and enjoys sucking it and getting fucked. She is a girl who makes your life complete and happy. Watch Terry Nova in action! We love Terry Nova!

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