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SCORE Xtra 11: LaTia Lopez

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Hot as a smoking pistol, LaTia Lopez likes tall, dark and full of cum men, guys with long ones that can really impale her. She is an expert in dick sucking. The way I eat cock is to open up my throat and take a deep breath, then take it down, says LaTia. You can see by watching me and looking at my cheeks that I am really sucking on cock, not just taking it in my mouth. I would say that I could suck cock all day and never get bored. I also like to suck on balls. Sucking balls is something girls have to learn by experience. Most guys have really sensitive balls so there is a real technique to sucking them for maximum pleasure. I love to suck cock. And fuck too. Today, LaTia lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She hasnt done a hardcore scene in several years but maybe one day shell make a comeback. Never say never.

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