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Cream Me, says Amber Lynn Bach

Duration: 01:15
Added: 4 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Nice to have her Bach. Amber Lynn Bach to be precise. Bach is back to make more beautiful music with her extremely talented golden throat, big tits, hot ass and tight cunt, so squeezably accommodating to hard cock. When last we saw Amber Lynn, she was role-playing a big-titted streetwalker in Hooked On Hooking. Now the busty Florida housewife-MILF has returned to SCORE by request and is looking just as horny as always. Amber Lynn says she began dancing in 2002. She likes going to bike events, and the guys there go ape every time they see her sexy body in her tiny outfits and bang-me face and shoot tons of pictures of her. She realized early that she has the goods that men want to see and could go beyond the ordinary routine of day-to-day life. She could unhook her libido. So by 2003, Amber was baring all. Now shes back at SCORE in Cream Me. She wants to be checked out and drooled over. She dresses in skin-tight jeans, a tight tank top and fuck-me slippers. The hot Florida babe look. Ambers big tits look mouthwatering bulging against her tank. She teases Als wood. Hes anxious but Amber says not yet. Shes going to build up the anticipation. All men must wait for the good things in life. Amber gets off on telling him what shes going to do to his cock. Amber also uses the word cunt herself. She gets extra points for that, a word that most chicks dont use. At last, Amber pulls down her tank and the two each take a nipple to suck on. This is very hot. They strip for action. Amber gets help sliding out of her jeans. Naked, she slips back into her heels. Women who put their heels on again when they fuck are women who are into sport fucking and being bimbolicious. Now that Amber is ready to get the goods, Al dives face-first in her candy-box. Amber digs that. The slim n stacked homemaker is ready to have her mouth, pussy and tits fucked good by a dude she just met 30 minutes earlier. How great is that? Theres a big, unexpected surprise as they approach the finish line. Youll have to see it. Amber just has that effect on the male of the species. Thank you, Amber Lynn Bach for the dick-bending session and for having our Bach!

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