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Creamin In Cars. The Only Way To Drive.

Duration: 01:15
Added: 10 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: XLGirls hottie Nikki Cars is making out with Juan Largo. Quick work for a guy who just met Nikki a few minutes earlier. He cant keep his mitts off Cars front bumpers, admiring the design. She rubs his junk through his jeans. What size are they? Largo asks. 38H, Nikki tells him. H? Largo repeats, unable to contain himself. She doesnt ask him how big his rod is. Shell find out very soon. He gets behind her and reaches into the top of her blouse, fishing for her boobs and catching them easily. Nikkis top is pulled down and he feasts on her big, soft, meaty pillows. His face is engulfed as Nikki squeezes each boob together to squish his head. Laying back on the bed, she hovers over him and feeds him tit-flesh, smiling as his lips encircle her nipples. Once Largo has tasted his fill, Nikki sits by the bed, her tits hanging. Wanna get your cock out for me? she says, ready to get her boobs fucked. He has her reach into his jeans to pull it out. She immediately pops it into her mouth to wet it for easier sliding through the valley between her rolling hills. She kicks off her heels and they both get back into bed so she can suck him hard as he stretches out. Nikki wants that cock in her cunt and any man worth his seed is going to give it to her. Their first fuck position is Nikki on top, her back to him. She leans all the way back, dick inside her, and supports herself with her hands so he can really pound the girl hard. That angle hits Nikkis sweet spot and she moans, Oh, yeah, thats good. Her pussy is getting rubbed the right way. Now for more in different positions including from behind, her favorite. Fucked and now ready to be filled, Nikki wants that cum squirt deep inside her, not on her tits and not on her face or down her throat. When he takes his semen-dispenser out, his sperm slowly leaks out of her well-drilled pussy-hole. Largo spreads her pussy-wings to better see the dripping. Creamin in Cars is the only way to drive. Its a plush, luxurious way to roll. Nikkis ride rules.

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