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Pick Up & Pound The Bikini Girl

Duration: 01:15
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Alexis is a teen lovers dream fuck. She wears bikinis to attract men, not for herself or her girlfriends. She knows bikini girls are a magnet for stiff wood. Alexis nipples are puffy, a treat for the guys that nail her or at least see her topless. When Jordan checks out Alexis in her bikini, he makes plans to get her into his van and thrust his meat spear into her super-tight teen cunt. He drives a van so he can screw girls anytime, anyplace, anywhere instead of the bullshit of going through the phone number exchange and Ill call you for a date crap. With a van, he can fuck girls at parks, beaches and parking lots right then and there and the privacy factor is a big selling point to the chicks hes playing. You cant fuck girls in a car during the day. (Okay maybe if you have totally black-tinted windows.) Why do you think the van was created in the first place? To deliver shit? Alexis was hanging out at the beach and catching some rays when he showed up and told her that he was going to rock her world. Actually, it was a really big van and I had a lot of room to maneuver around, said Alexis And it was really nasty cause all these people were walking by and may have see the van rockin. It made me feel like a dirty girl, and I like when that happens! Thats why we girls do what we do.

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