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Lisa Lipps & The Pocket Python

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: This SCORE Neo-Classic scene stars original SCORE Girl Lisa Lipps and hung clubman Damon, one of Lisas boy toys and the same dude who thumped Sierra in the keister in Black & Stacked 2. Lisa liked handpicking her studs whenever possible. A straight shooter, Lisa enjoyed talking about her stud-hunter skills. I find a strange guy that Im attracted to, take him home and say, Hey, can I use your dick as a prop, cause Id really like to learn how to suck dick better. Ive had this thing for young guys, about 20 to 25 years old. I like to pick them up, take them home, see if I can suck their cocks, maybe fuck em. I like to ask questions. Do you like your cock stroked? Do you like a lot of pressure, a little bit of pressure? Do you like deep-throating? Some guys are more sensitive than others. This way, when Im on the set and I have a guy, I can say, Okay, do you like your balls licked? Would you rather I just use my mouth to suck the cum out of your cock? Im not really into being banged real hard. Banging real hard doesnt do anything but annoy me. I dont like to be hammered constantly. I like slow, long, deep strokes so I can feel the whole cock going in and out, and then I like a little bit of pounding, but not anything thats gonna be too hard, thats gonna hurt me and make me uncomfortable. A woman who knows what she likes. Thats Lisa Lipps.

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