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Classics: Liliths Private Session Part 3

Duration: 01:15
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Its hard for me to find bras that fit me, said Lilith, who may or may not have gotten kicked out of the Garden of Eden had she lived back then. Im a 38DD. I really like the way the Victorias Secret bras look, but its really hard to find the pretty ones that fit my size. Fredericks has some cute ones. I like the push-up kinds that help me show a lot of rounded cleavage. If it fits and it holds me up, yes, Ill probably buy it. If its pretty and cute, so much the better. I like bras that hook in the back. They make my breasts look better. The ones with hooks in the front usually pop right open on me. Lilith is a topless and nude dancer. Her sweet smelling words of wisdom for guys who spend time at clubs ogling the titties and butts. I really hate it when Im doing a dance for a guy and hes been drinking beer all day and smoking, and he just has the worst halitosis breath, and hes breathing on you. Please, use breathmints and lots of gum if you smoke and drink! And make sure you do it before you get a dance. Coming into the club neat and clean is always nice for the girls. If you wear underwear, thats always nice. And now its time for the conclusion of Lilith Private Session.

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