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The Iced Nipples of Isis Haze

Duration: 01:15
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: When it comes to a hot show, Isis Haze needs icy water to cool down her beautiful smokin body. And you may need a cold shower after seeing her play dirty for almost 20 boiling minutes in this SCORE Video. I dance at a club called Silk in Juneau, Wisconsin near Madison, says Isis. I dance down to nudity. Theres a photographer who comes in on our VIP nights, Ricky, and he said that because I have big natural breasts, SCORE would want me, and thats how I came to SCORE. Ive been dancing for a few years. Always fully nude. I started out like that right away. I like to do a lot of tittie things when Im on stage. Ill lay on stage and push my tits together. Ill get on my hands and knees and dangle and slowly swing my tits. Ill clap them together. Tits are great things to have. What I do in this video, I cant do on stage! Its too hot!

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