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Big-Titted Wife Heather Lane Fucks Stranger

Duration: 01:15
Added: 13 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Heather Lane is the kind of brickhouse wife who stays loyal to her husband with one slight difference. She likes to try the cocks of other men. Her husband likes to see her get fucked by other dudes. There are a lot of swinging women like Heather. Most of them dont play on camera. They keep their extracurricular activities to themselves and their circle. But not Heather. She likes the thought of a thousand guys enjoying her getting her big tits worked over. Now, Heather loves her husband and all that junk but Heather also needs variety in sex. So she came to us. We gave the gift of tubesteak and she even got paid for it. After Tony screwed the shit out of Heather in the SCORE studio, she described how it went. I sat on top of his cock and rode and rode and rode, then he put me on my side and thrust real deep. Hes got this big, hard cock, and he teased me a little bit, then he slammed it into me really hard. It made me just scream with pain, but it was a good kind of pain. Very enjoyable. Then he stuck that big, hard cock between my boobs, and I squeezed it tight, and he almost came all over my tits. He had to stop. Then he fucked me doggie-style, which is one of my favorite positions. He just grabbed me and slapped my ass and fucked me deep, and I felt his balls against my pussy. Oh! He just rode me really hard. I was just exhausted. When they were ready to drop and Tony was ready to pop, Heather got on her knees and opened her mouth for his gooey load. Tony aimed for her tongue and hit the target so there was no waste. Heather showed her goo-covered tongue then swallowed the cream with a gulp. Heather knows from experience that its the best nutritional supplement in the world. Then she licked his cock clean of any residual. What a great wife.

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