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Cindy Cupps Four Ways

Duration: 01:15
Added: 12 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Tags: big tits, solo
Description: Our SCORE Classic is a four-part video of extremely large-breasted (36EE) Cindy Cupps, a 42-24-35 New Yorker who moved to the Sunshine State and became a regular at the SCORE Studio. Cindys appeared in over 16 SCORE mags and 10 DVDs since 2000. Her fans have never stopped marveling over the diameter of her pancake-sized areolae and her overall sensational pom-poms. In part one, Cindy dances and removes her clothing one item at a time. A former dancer at the Cheetah 3 in Pompano Beach, Cindy knows how to titillate and shake her enormous titties from years of stage experience showing her stackitudinous bod to breastnotized club customers. If you like to hang out at topless and nude clubs and stare transfixed as a stripper shows you her stuff, youll love this episode. In part 2, Cindy tries self-bondage and ties her breasts up. How did she get roped into this? Shes actually very good at it. Whod a guessed? Part 3 is the steamy Airtight. Cindy plays with three toys, ultimately all at the same time. She sucks on one latex cock, fucks her sexy pussy with another cock toy and inserts a lubed butt-probe in her winky for ass pleasure. And in part 4, Cindy demonstrates her never seen talents at hand jobs, blow jobs and tit-fucking with a virtual cock that erupts on her knockers in a gooey mess at the climax. Japanese filmmakers often use this prosthetic cock technique with Japanese girls who wont do real hardcore. Years later, Cindy agreed to a real Tits & Tugs scene. (This rare one-off video is also on SCOREVideos.) I never thought I would do a boy-girl, Cindy said after the Tits & Tugs video. Her doing even that was a big surprise to all the fans who never thought Cindy would do anything on camera within ten feet of a flesh and blood erection. Im not saying real hardcore never crossed my mind. I just didnt think Id ever do it. I still havent. Because I havent had gone all the way on film. You know what? Im not going to say no. Ive had a lot of people come up to me and say, Oh, my God, youre Cindy Cupps from SCORE. I cant believe Im actually getting to meet you in person. So that feels good. Ive been in the magazine for a long time, and people have told me that Im popular. But its always nice to hear it. Its always nice to know youre wanted.

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