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Patriotic Pud-Drainer

Duration: 01:15
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: Tits And Tugs
Description: Two things are for sure: Morgan Leighs huge jugs in this flag bikini will make your cock say,God Bless America! and when someone like Morgan comes your way, you pretty much drop everything to give her what she wants. You see, Morgan was on the beach all by her lonesome, just frolicking in the surf, making her bazookas jiggle (as all busty women should do at all times) and she spots a good-looking guy and his girlfriend on the rocks, nearby. She takes in the scene and realizes that this guys girlfriend doesnt even bother to show some skin and that her tiny tits are no match for her huge tatas. So she saunters over and asks if he will rub some oil on her, um, back. We are sure that this guy gets shit for it, but wed say fuck it and go for it, too. Wouldnt you? He rubs some lotion on Morgan, but before long, he is rubbing on her titties, too. She believes in tit for tat because she helps him rub one out, too, but instead of her hands, she uses her cock-holders, er, tits. This is one patriotic pud-draining that we are sure you will salute with your cock, too.

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