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The Return of Cherry Brady

Duration: 01:15
Added: 7 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Weve all seen those late-night TV commercials for 900-line singles connections with sexy babes out to pitch your tent. This fresh Cherry Brady video for XLGirls is a million times hotter, bustier and wetter. The redhaired supervixen, the ultimate woman-next-door, is back after too long an absence and just as horny as always! Back to wave her massive 36G-cups in your face, back to spread her sweet cunt and shake her curvy ass. The staff was excited to learn of Cherrys return to the SCORE Group studio, always an event here, knowing the joy she would bring to countless breast-men around the world. Cherrys love of erotica, big tits, sex, pussy and porn grows stronger. A clean-living woman with a dirty mind, at home she likes to read filthy books by such masters as Henry Miller for inspiration. Wherever he may be, Henry Miller is downing a shot in Cherrys honor. This is the Cherry Brady version of a late-night TV sex-fomerical. Her statuesque bod packed into a skintight dress and her dirty mouth are a boob-hounds wet dream. You can squirt your load on my pussy, Cherry murmurs. You can squirt it on my tits. You can squirt it in my mouth. Then when youre done, you can wipe your dick on the drapes for all I care. True poetry from a great American sexbomb! A devilish mind in the body of a stacked angel. The entire video is filled with this kind of sex chat. Cherrys titty hanging and dangling are off the chart. Five minutes into the video, Cherrys swinging hangers in low-angle become completely breastnotizing. Its an award-winning moment. Weve said it before, well say it again. Theres only one Cherry Brady. Shes raised more cocks than a chicken farmer.

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