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Oil Em & Fuck Em

Duration: 01:15
Added: 10 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: Elle Flynn is a new discovery at SCORELAND with an epic chest. Big natural boobs, a sexy face, voluptuous body and a horny zest for nasty and hot sex. Elles debut boy-girl was with two guys at the same time (Elles First XXX). What does that tell you right away?Since then, Elles returned quickly for a second power-slam boy-girl (Elle Flynns Creampie Art Class) as well as solo sets and videos that showcase her unstoppable body and tantalizing ta-tas--the kind of boobs that other women dream of having.Oil Em & Fuck Em is loaded with tit-fucking, horny cock sucking and high-energy fucking.Youve heard of soap girls? Hitting the internet in search of action, Tony is looking for a body glide girl. But she must be the right kind. He wants an edgy girl. A statuesque girl who will oil up her big boobs and use them as massagers on his body and then work her way down. Think mazola rolla. He doesnt want any skinnies to show up. He wants a chick with oomph and well-rounded curves. A babydoll with tits and ass and sass.Hes in luck. Elle fits those requirements. The agency sends her over and she wastes no time in lubing her twin props and rubbing them all over Tonys chest. Then she heads south to his stiff prick for a slippery tit-bang! Horny for more, Elle swallows his dick, then gets on her back so he can make his first visit to her sweet sugar-box and begin a pumping fuck. When a girl spanks her ass and pinches her nipples hard while shes riding a cock, you know shes a hottie!SCORELAND salutes Elle Flynn, a super V-Girl being all that she can be.

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