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Voluptuous Xtra 9

Duration: 01:15
Added: 10 years ago
Channel: Score Videos
Description: Hayden was a working wife who posted her pictures on the web, the now defunct and developed an enthusiastic following. Her tits are huge. Voluptuous invited her to pose for both solo and XXX photo-spreads and videos and this is one of the XXX videos Hayden made (part of the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 9). Hayden role-plays in this video as a masseuse who uses her oiled tits to rub a guy which leads to fucking and sucking and a facial and titty cum-blast. A good percentage of the show is shot P.O.V. Hayden resembles and sounds like a TV actress from a sit-com...but who? At the time, Hayden weighed 170 lbs., measured 36-28-38 and wore a 36DD bra. Because I work for a conservative firm, I dress fashionably conservative and I always wear a bra, said Hayden. Im in the financial services industry, so I have to dress very conservatively at work. I basically recruit and train people to be stockbrokers and investment specialists. Now, if Im going out to a club or out to dinner, then yes, I like to dress sexily. When Im at home or out shopping, I go without a bra and let them hang out. Hayden liked teasing guys. Its fun watching guys stare at my tits, seeing them squirm to hide their boners. I like turning on guys. I like to get them horny. I lived a fairly sheltered life. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. And my family was very conservative. I definitely tried to hide them at first, especially when I knew there were going to be men around. It almost wouldve been better if Id developed earlier because, going to an all-girls high school where some of the girls had big boobs, although not as big as mine, I wouldve had time to get used to them. Hayden deserved much more acclaim than she got. She admitted that she has an incredible sex drive and that exhibitionistic streak led her to dabble in adult videos and pictures. Unlike Florida MILF Amber Lynn Bach, Hayden didnt take it to the next level and make it full-time.

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