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Shes Hairy Now

Duration: 01:15
Added: 5 years ago
Channel: Naughty Mag
Description: Im still shagging the married man and we have no intention of stopping in the near future. Now, I also have a FWB to call on, said Aston. My FWB is a year younger than me. Both guys know about the other one and are okay with it. My lover is a slow, passionate shagger who knows lots of tricks and is hung like a donkey, so I get as many orgasms as I can handle. My FWB has a regular-sized cock and fabulous staying power so he gets me off again and again. And his recovery time is awesome. Why did I grow my bush back? As a special birthday treat for my FWB. Because were not actually dating, I didnt feel right about giving him anything more than a token present. But I remembered that he told me hed never shagged a girl with pubes, so I grew mine out when he went to Africa on a college project. My lover didnt mind me doing it: it made him chuckle because Im the only female hes ever shagged who didnt have pubes. I cant decide which look I like best.

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