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Kerry Marie Time Traveler

Duration: 01:15
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: SCORELAND hits the big tit time machine and warps back to the days of Kerry Marie past with three Kerry Marie videos made at the SCORE Studio. First up, we go back in time to visit Kerrys distant ancestor, a cavegirl with a body that made cavemen paint her images on their cave walls. Kerry even paints her big boobs with prehistoric black light paint! She was a true pioneer of nudie modeling. Moving forward to the 21st century, we follow Kerry as she hitches a ride to SCORELAND (holding a sign that reads, SCORELAND or Bust). The driver who picks her up thought he was going to get a blow job but Kerry aint that kinda girl. Shes saving herself for marriage. But he agrees to take Kerry over anyway. During the ride, she changes out of her clothing, masturbating and torturing the poor guy while he watches in the rear view mirror. She gets dressed before they arrive at SCORELAND. It was a ride he never forgot. Finally, warped to the 22nd century, Kerry is a star pilot exploring a derelict space ship in search of the orgasmatron, a device that all huge-boobed beauties would like to get their cookies baked with. Kerry beams aboard the ship and begins using all of the tech she finds to pleasurize her wonderful tits and tight coochie, breaking the breast pump along the way. Fantastic Kerry Marie, voted #7 in the Best Models of SCORELAND 1992-2012.

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