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Cockamania Runs Wild

Duration: 01:00
Added: 4 years ago
Tags: big cock, milf
Description: What you gonna do when cockamania runs wild all over you? If youre anything like busty MILF slut Kate Frost, youre gonna suck and fuck your way to a championship belt for best lay! Poor Kate was just minding her own business trying to get some food before the big match started when some asshole spilled her drink all over her! Since the womens room was locked, she had no choice but to use the sink in the mens room, where unfortunately for her, that asshole Prince Akmir just wouldnt take no for an answer. Luckily, the Cockster himself, wrestling superstar Johnny Sins, overheard everything, and heroically swooped in just in the nick of time! Kate is so turned on by seeing him in action that she whips out her big tits and starts sucking and fucking Johnnys fat dick with her titties and tight MILF pussy. Get some!

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