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Celebrity Interview-Tiff Bannister

Duration: 01:15
Added: 3 years ago
Channel: Naughty Mag
Description: Hey guys, we know that some of you just want to see a hot, young blonde getting fucked on-camera for the first time. Thats why we separated Tiff Bannisters interview from her fucking movie. If youre curious about the girl behind the pussy and tits, check out this brief model interview.Tiffs nervous. She should be. Shes about to get stripped naked and penetrated by the biggest cock shes ever seen...all on film. Shes got a lot riding on this, too. Shes a famous celebrity. Shes got fans. Shes even got a few theme songs written about her. Perhaps thats why shes chatting away nervously. Or maybe its because shes a young girl and shes shy. Either way, its endearing. We get to hear her triumphant rise to social media stardom, her sexual past and her plans for fuckin in the future. Check it out!

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