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Shaved & Sexed

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: When it comes to Voluptuous neighbors-next-door with natural big boobs, Cameron Skye rates very high. Cameron personifies that kind of all-American Voluptuous bra-buster (and readers wife) such as Cherry Brady and Elaina Gregory. Now Camerons back and ready for another sexing. This time, she asks her booty-call partner Rocky to mow her ginger-hued pussy lawn (what she called her fire crotch in a previous scene) before they get it on.We asked Cameron about this very different fuck scene.What was it like for you having your pussy hair, your fire crotch, as you put it, shaved before sex?Cameron: It was really erotic to have my pussy hair shaved before sex. There was a lot of sexual tension between me and Rocky, so it was hard to hold back while he shaved me, but that made it even more electric when we finally got a chance to fuck.Do you normally go shaved or do you keep the bush?Cameron: I am normally shaved, but about every year, I let it grow out because there are some guys that love a hairy bush, and I love that they think its sexy.Is sex for you better shaved or with a bush?Cameron: If a guy is into a hairy pussy, I love having a hairy pussy. I just love turning guys on. I know that having a hairy pussy is something that not every girl is willing to have. When I am hairy and with a guy who loves a hairy pussy, it is a huge turn-on for me.What is your favorite position in this scene?Cameron: My favorite position in this scene is missionary. I loved having Rocky on top and totally in control of me, fucking me hard and deep. Each time his cock moved in and out of me, it was pure bliss.Show Cameron some love by commenting below or emailing

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