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Rooftop Rack Show

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: New SCORELAND model Casey Deluxe (February 15 SCORE magazine) surveys the city of Brno from a rooftop and, with all due respect to this lovely historic Czech city, the view of Casey is more thrilling.If this were New York City or Chicago, an uptight citizen with high-powered binoculars would have probably complained when the ivory-skinned blonde lowered her bikini top and kept her big tits hanging out. But life is more laid back in Europe, especially when it comes to nudie cuties like Casey.Casey sucks on some local brand of creamsicle on a stick. Her tongue, lips and the overhead sun work to melt it. The gooey goodness drips all over her slim and stacked body making her chest sticky. And thats good because this pretty German is very stickable.Casey walks over to a hidden section of the roof to play with her big boobs, then says she needs a shower so she heads down to the apartment where shell rinse off while we watch. Casey is generous and likes to share!

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