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Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Duration: 01:15
Added: 4 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: A Texas hottie through and through, young Chloe Rose walks through the ladies room door. Chloe is dressed casually in a striped tank top and denim shorts. She lugs a book bag. She looks like she just finished a class. Chloe barricades the door so no one else can enter. She needs privacy for what shes about to do.Chloe checks herself out in the mirror and pulls her tank over her head to reveal a pair of big, real boobs that take your breath away. They are 38E-cups, Chloe says, and they end in very wide, dark areolae. We examine Chloe as she examines her natural twins in the mirror and the rest of her strapping, healthy body.Chloe pulls a red, zippered, strappy top, an unusual pair of string panties with a chain and a tight white skirt out of her book bag. She squeezes into these tight, man-freezing clothes and slips her cute feet into a pair of red FM platforms. Incredible. Cloe has gone from student to club hottie in a few minutes.The stalls are empty. Chloe walks into one and gets hands-on with her beautiful, jiggly hooters to fap her shaved pussy. Theres no need for her to pull her panties to the side. Theyre designed for either fapping or fucking. Just like ladies rooms.Stay abreast of Chloes adventures at SCORELAND. The Voluptuous coeds next step is her first XXX scene with a big-tit lovin stud!

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