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XL Xtra 5

Duration: 01:15
Added: 3 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: This party sexin between big, bad Sasha Brabuster and the smaller Matt Bixel is similar to the saga of a man climbing Mount Everest. Why? Because shes there. Sasha described herself as an exotic bombshell with a mixture of American Cherokee Indian, Latin and German. And all woman, we will add. I remember being really nervous at first since that was my very first XXX shoot for stills and video, said Sasha. When I did the video, I froze up and was stiff and just drew a blank because of all the cameras and staff around. In the scene I was doing a lap dance on the guy and I was really nervous. When Matt started cracking jokes and acting silly, I started to relax and have fun. I had such a great time with everyone. The XL Girls staff asked me to stay over to do another shoot the next day. They were intrigued and amazed at my deep throating abilities and custom techniques which I love to do upside down. Another one I label Las Vegas style using eight muscles that I have strongly developed, and my fingers. Youll get a chance to see my shaved, wet, hot pussy too. They made me feel so good telling me I had a great ass and big nipples.

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