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Ride Sallys ass

Duration: 01:15
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: 60 Plus MILFs
Description: Sally DAngelo recently turned 60, so Rocky brings her a birthday cake. Then he brings her his cock. Sally blows out the candle, then she blows his dick.Im still as naughty as Ive always been, Sally said.Naughtier, actually, because this is Sallys first anal video.Im a little nervous, but I think Ill be fine, Sally said.Of course, she had already taken Rockys cock up her tight ass for the photo set, but theres a little more energy, a little more thrusting, involved with a video. But Sally takes every inch of Rockys dick and squeals as it plunders her asshole.We asked Sally if she watched any of her previous scenes, which were for! Sally said as she rubbed her pussy. Every one of them.With whom?My husband. They were hot, and we fucked.We asked Sally if being a fuck star has changed her at all. She said, Well, Im back to try anal, and I would like to do an interracial scene, too.Were going to work on that. Meanwhile, enjoy watching Sally get ass-fucked.

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