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Boom-Boom in the Champagne Room?

Duration: 01:15
Added: 3 years ago
Channel: Tits And Tugs
Description: Some people will tell you that they went to the champagne room in a strip club with a hot girl and that they scored a piece of pussy for a reasonable price. We think that maybe that might have happened. But it doesnt happen all the time. Others will tell you that they went into the VIP and tried to score some pussy and got tossed out on their asses. We think that happens more often than not. We are here to tell you what probably happens in the champagne room on the regular. You spot a hot girl like Summer and shes dancing, swaying those jugs around like a couple of pom-poms. You pull out some cash and give her what we like to call a, dance donation, for her tit-swaying prowess. This convinces her to unveil said tits and mash em on your face and crotch. This leads you to give her another dance donation. Whilst giving her your hard earned bucks for making you hard, she catches a glimpse of your wad o cash and tells you that she will take you to the VIP room for that wad o cash. What do you get in return? Well, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that you like tits. Summer has probably had that figured out since you gave her the first tit-swaying dance donation. So, she whips your dick out, whips her tits out and connects the two in a furious pumping and mashing experience that we like to call a tit-and-tug-aganza! Her talented tatas blow your wad, she takes your wad o cash, she wipes off your baby batter, exits stage left not a hair out of place and lives to dance another day. That sounds like it could happen, right? Like it does happen, right? Much more than your buddys tall tale of banging a stripper like a jackhammer in the VIP, right? Yeah, we think so, too. Thats why we like the tits-and-tug job so much. Its like the fast-food version of a good time. You get in, get off and get that order.

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