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Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

Duration: 00:35
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: 50 Plus MILFs
Description: This scene, 52-year-old Heidis second at, opens with an interview, and its not like most interviews weve done. Heidi is wearing a fishnet bodysuit, and she proves its crotchless by locking her legs behind her head in the pretzel position, opening up her soon-to-be-fucked pussy. This is quite an introduction.Then this German fuck slut is asked if she can get ass-fucked in that position.I dont know if I can take a whole cock in that position up my ass because its pretty big, she said, referring to Rockys 24-year-old cock.So then, we set out to discover if Heidis asshole is tighter when her legs are spread or when her legs are behind her head. Rocky sticks a finger in her asshole. Tight. Then Heidi locks her legs behind her head and Rocky slides a finger into her asshole.Now its better, he says. Its less tight.So, it would seem that Heidi can get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head.Then Heidi is asked about anal sex.I like it, she says.But a guy cant plunge right in, can he?With me you can, she said.You can do a lot of things with Heidi. You can fuck her face while fingering her pussy. You can spend very little time fucking her pussy and a lot of time fucking her asshole, as Rocky does in this scene. Does Heidi enjoy having Rockys cock in her ass?Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, shit, yes! Oh fuck my ass! Give me that whole cock up my ass, she says.But can she get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head? Watch the scene and find out.

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