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Massagin Those Big Mams

Duration: 00:39
Added: 3 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: Daylene Rio (XXXtreme Daylene on DVD) is always ready for sex. Not ordinary, routine sex. Daylene is always ready for spectacular, nasty, you-gotta-see-this sex. And thats the name of the game in Massagin Those Big Mams. This is Daylenes fourth fuck fling with JMac, a dude who knows her curvy body, big tits and big booty well and knows what buttons to push after all this time.Daylenes never gotten a massage in all of her numerous fuck sessions. First, some hands-on self-service as towel-clad Daylene waits for Mr. Masseur. Daylenes gigantic breasts dangle and hang, waiting for attention. She drops the towel, turns around and twerks her bare round ass at the camera.On her belly, Daylene sticks her butt out so JMac can oil up her cheeks. He goes to work on them, massaging her fleshy cans and thighs, sinking his fingers into her soft skin. Daylene sighs her approval. But the breast is yet to come. Those massive mams are next to be oiled and rubbed. The look of pleasure is in her eyes as her sensitive hooters are given TLC (tit loving care). JMac ends his massage and sits on the table, his boner ready to fill Daylenes mouth. She kneels on the table and parts her lips to suck.Daylene stands and JMac lies back on the table so she can compress her twins together and tit-massage his schlang. JMac tells Daylene to suck his cock. She leans forward, spits on it and opens her mouth, getting many inches down her throat in an impressive sloppy blow job. Suck those balls too, JMac says.I want you to fuck me, Daylene tells him, out of breath. On the table and then on the floor, Daylene gets a pounding, hard wham-bam-slam that has her screaming with every stroke. By the time Daylene is doused with a big load of nut-sauce on her tits and face, shes totally dick-drunk, her eyes glazed. She doesnt get this kind of massage that often. Daylene looks at the camera and licks up the cum that isnt dripping down her enormous jugs. Now off to the showers once the room stops spinning.Thank you and cum again, Daylene Rio. Always a pleasure.

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