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Mama Mia!

Duration: 00:44
Added: 9 years ago
Channel: Score Land
Description: Mama Mia! Its an anniversary. Maya Milano debuted at SCORELAND on July 14, 2014 and shes come a long way since her first time. Maya is much more uninhibited now and has lost her shyness about showing her pussy and masturbating on-camera. A girl blessed with a beautiful face and a pair of the best big, heavy, natural boobs, Maya is now much more confident since becoming part of the SCORELAND Girl universe, no longer the bashful newcomer.To be a model is the most-fun thing Ive done. I love to visit the studio and see the city when the shooting is over. Girls with my kind of body can model and should not let anyone stand in the way of their interests. You do not have to be a skinny girl to be a model.What does university student Maya like to do on a free day?I can spend hours at a spa. I love to have long massages. Sometimes I go to the sauna with girlfriends. I leave refreshed.Thats the same way we feel after seeing Maya.

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