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The Moore You Get The Moore You Want

Duration: 00:41
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: XL Girls
Description: Maria Moore wears a low-cut dress that shows off the cleavage that crashes the male brain and forces him to reboot. Maria knows the effect she has on guys and takes great pleasure in her powers. Before her dude Steve can get his hands on her humongous breasts, she has to tease the shit out of him by playing with her body.He dives into her tits head-first to nibble her knockers, then licks her pussy and finger-fucks her. Maria puckers up and sucks him, using her jugs as a boob-shelf. Steve cant hold back and fucks Maria in missionary and doggie. A close-up and medium-shot of Marias breasts smashing together like bell clappers is an outstanding moment unless you vote for the part when he fucks her tits and cums on her face. She licks the nut-juice off her fingers, smiling at the camera. Magnificent!

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