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The body of a woman, the sex drive of a man

Duration: 00:45
Added: 8 years ago
Channel: 60 Plus MILFs
Description: Outtakes from our interview with 65-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Madison Milstar, an amateur when she came to our studio for the first time, now getting very experienced at fucking on-camera. Here, shes fucking 29-year-old Tarzan. Shes happy. She makes him happy. Anyway...60PLUS MILFs: Weve heard people say, Why do I have to jack off? I can have real sex. But theres a big difference between the two, isnt there?MADISON: A big difference. Masturbation is very private. My husband is usually out of the house while Im doing it. I want my own thoughts, I can do it within 30 seconds and Im in my own little world. I can imagine whatever I want. Im in the scene Im watching while Im playing with myself. Im doing whatever theyre doing. I probably wont ever do what theyre doing, but Im imagining I am.60PLUS MILFs: Hold on! You can cum in 30 seconds?MADISON: Actually, 35. Ive timed it.60PLUS MILFs: What are you, a guy?MADISON: Thats a good point! My girlfriends all tell me Ive got the sex drive of a man. Theyve never met anybody like me. I want sex all the time. Im always up for it.Shes up for it. Tarzans up. Its all good.

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